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Airport Drugs Bust Helps Keep Communities Safe, Says MLA

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East Belfast DUP MLA has congratulated the Border Force officers who at George Best Belfast City Airport detected Cocaine that may be worth up to £1.5 million in a passengers suitcase.

Robin Newton said,

“This is a significant find and taking this amount of illegal drugs off the streets will help keep our young people, families and communities safe.”
The initial estimate of the amount discovered was £200K but if mixed with other drugs the value could increase to £1.5 million.

Robin Newton said,

“The risks of snorting Cocaine are well known and those with heart or blood pressure problems are at particular risk but healthy young people can suffer a seizure or heart attack. However, for those seeking an even bigger drugs high mixing Cocaine with other drugs or alcohol increases the risk of overdosing, possibly causing death.

That the National Crime Agency has now become involved and described the method of smuggling the Cocaine as “professional” confirms the seriousness of the matter.” The DUP MLA concluded, “illegal drugs are a scourge in local communities.

The huge amount of cash being made by the heartless dealers who care nothing for those who become addicted or the destructive impact the addict has within the family and community deserves even more attention from the PSNI and support  for the police from the community.”

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