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MLA Welcomes Dundonald Drugs Bust

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East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton has welcomed recent police action resulting in Class A and Class B drugs being taken off the streets and with one man helping police with their enquiries. Robin Newton said,

"It was a great result that on what was national dog day (Friday 26 August) the PSNI's drugs dog Max played a major role in detecting these illegal drugs. I want to pay tribute to the drugs squad officers and their great dogs.

The value of these well trained dogs cannot be over estimated. Without their skills the work of the police drugs officers would become much more difficult with the drug barons escaping justice.

This successful operation carried out by the PSNI's C1 Reactive and Organised Crime Branch will make our community safer and help protect our young people. The raid, carried out in the Dundonald area, will be welcomed by all responsible people and in seizing the drugs and cash the PSNI has hit the evil drug dealers hard. Illegal drugs create addiction leading to misery for the drug users, their families and local communities. To combat the drug dealers the PSNI need help from East Belfast's people. I appeal to anyone with even the smallest piece of information about drugs dealing to make use of the police 101 number."

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