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Disappointment At Kincora Legal Ruling

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East Belfast MLA Robin Newton has expressed disappointment that Kincora victims have lost their legal case for the home to be part of the U.K-wide inquiry.  The DUP representative has campaigned in support of Kincora being included in the national inquiry. 

He said, "This is deeply disappointing decision, most obviously for the victims who suffered so grievously in Kincora, but also for all of us who want to see the full facts brought to light. 

The persistent rumours about high ranking London figures still persist and unless there is a proper investigation at a national level they are unlikely to disappear. If such issues are not properly investigated then victims and the wider community may not feel all has been done to bring abusers to justice. 

All of Kincora's dark secrets need to be brought out into the open. We must all have confidence that no one has been protected because of their position, rank, age or standing in the community."

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