Courts Need To Treat Animal Crulety With Greater Gravity


EAST DUP Assembly candidate Robin Newton has described the levels of animal cruelty in Northern Ireland as beyond understanding and belief. The latest case to make the headlines regarding Barney, a boxer dog who for years was ill-treated is shameful and the owner who was found guilty of neglect is given “a slap on the wrist.”

Robin Newton said,

“The disclosures about Barney’s years of neglect is more evidence of the heartless cruelty inflicted by a human being within what is supposed to be an animal loving society.

The scale of abuse of this boxer dog is distressing and it is difficult to believe that others were not aware of the cruelty or even the potential of this individual to be neglecting the dog.

When one considers the recent prosecutions for dog fighting and animal breeding under puppy farm conditions it is evident our society is increasingly unfeeling about animal welfare.

The USPCA and DARD each need the support of concerned citizens to stamp out this type of unacceptable behaviour. But the courts also need to address this type of prolonged cruelty with added seriousness.”