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Newton Welcomes East Side Learning Partnership

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ROBIN Newton East Belfast DUP MLA, a member of the Assembly’s Education Committee, has welcomed the Eastside Learning Partnership Education Framework recently launched in the Park Avenue Hotel. This is a positive step in improving educational outcomes for our children.

Robin Newton said,

“This is a fantastic programme designed to build relationships with all stakeholders to deliver a shared vision for education in East Belfast. The initiative was launched to a packed room with all interested parties in attendance. I am pleased that East Belfast Partnership took the lead in developing a programme that will deliver positive outcomes for pupils of all ages.

Education is not just the responsibility of the schools, patents and the wider community also have a great impact of children’s ability and achieving maximum success.

Ensuring good planning by bringing people together and improving communications to deliver crosscutting solutions, thinking outside the box, will deliver first class education opportunities for our children.”

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