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Despicable Thieves Must Be Caught

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ROBIN Newton East Belfast DUP MLA, a member of the Policing Board, has described the three thugs who robbed a pensioner in East Belfast’s Abbey Park as despicable human beings.

Robin Newton said,

“These cowardly thieves, who hid their faces behind scarves, have left an 89 year old lady in a distraught condition.

This robbery is likely to have an impact on the other older people who live close by giving them cause for concern and creating a fear factor. The PSNI needs to support the 89 year old victim. However, the fear of being a victim of crime is genuine and the alarm and concern this incident will create for older people in the area also needs to be addressed.

Those who set out to rob elderly people are a threat to society. The PSNI need community support to catch these loathsome thieves and to take them before the courts.”

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