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Newton Welcomes Open University Tullycarnet Initiative

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ROBIN Newton East Belfast DUP MLA, a member of the Assembly’s Education Committee, has welcomed an initiative by The Open University to stretch out to East Belfast residents. With the competition for jobs becoming more intense having the right qualification is essential even to get an interview and important for career advancement.

Robin Newton said, 

“I am pleased The Open University is hosting an informal evening for local people to get to know about their courses on Wednesday 11th March, Tullycarnert Library.  

The OU offers a route into higher education for anyone who is prepared to learn. With no entry qualifications OU provides a second chance for many who missed out in their earlier years. It also creates opportunities for those who want to study in their own time rather than attend a fixed schedule of classroom based teaching. 

I would encourage people to attend and talk with the OU and for the OU to locate in other venues across the east of the city to maximise take-up of places.”

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