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Corporation Tax Critics Don't Offer Solutions To Bring NI Jobs

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DUP MLA for East Belfast Robin Newton has said those criticising the devolution of Corporation Tax powers speak from either a position of ignorance or are motivated by political scaremongering but none are offering solutions to bring more jobs to Northern Ireland.

Commenting Robin Newton said,

“Jim Allister has said that the devolution of Corporation Tax will undermine the Union.  This is nonsense. There is no unifying principle that everyone in the United Kingdom pays the same taxes.  Scotland already has control over income tax and Northern Ireland has control over Air-Passenger Duty.

Jim’s recent opposition is even more bizarre considering that he supported the devolution of APD and had previously called for a Corporation Tax cut in Northern Ireland. This is nothing short of political scaremongering.  On Jim’s logic he should be campaigning for Northern Ireland to increase tuition fees in line with the £9k fees in Great Britain and introduce water charges.

When devolved, Corporation Tax will be entirely administered by the Treasury.  The only role for Northern Ireland politicians would be setting the rate.  Those who suggest this would lead to some kind of taxation stand-off clearly fail to understand the process and comment from a position of ignorance.

The business community is overwhelmingly united on this matter and rightly see Corporation Tax as a game changer to help rebalance our economy. We are focused on taking Northern Ireland forward and securing jobs for the future rather than engaging in silly political posturing.”

Note to Readers

1. Jim Allister's comments on APD can be found in the NI Assembly Hansard stating:

"We have set the rate on duty as zero in this primary legislation, and there is no clause that affords the Department the opportunity to subsequently revisit it.  I am not criticising that, because obviously zero is the best option for consumers, but it struck me as unusual in terms of how these Bills are drafted.  Maybe there is a particular explanation for that.  I am not recommending that it be altered; I am merely drawing attention to the fact that, if the rate was to be changed in an upward direction, it would have to be done by amending legislation."

2. Link to Jim Allister press statement calling for Corporation Tax cut in Northern Ireland as recommended by Sir George Quigley.">

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