Buying Fake Designer Goods Contributes To Misery For Many


East Belfast DUP MLA and Policing Board member Robin Newton, has said that shoppers should be wary about purchasing fake designer goods when they are on the lookout for Christmas presents.

He said that these fake goods marked as leading designer brands are often produced through child labour, misery and slavery and the profits from their sale help support organised criminal gangs.

Robin Newton said “There is an obvious temptation to purchase designer goods sold at seemingly knock-down prices. People are well aware that many of these goods are not genuine however, but counterfeits of varying quality.

This activity does not happen without a cost. There is evidence of the huge human cost associated with counterfeiting activity and the world-wide nature of the criminal gangs. This is not some “Del-boy” type activity but is operated by international crime gangs exploiting men, women and children for huge profits.

The temptation to buy a fake designer handbag, sports goods, CD or clothing is obvious, but comes at a high price for Northern Ireland’s bargain hunters and to the local economy. Innocent shoppers, or those who are prepared to turn a blind eye, are contributing directly to criminal empires as well as receiving sub-standard goods. They also hurt local businesses struggling to survive in these difficult economic times.

In support of local retailers and manufacturers more needs to be done to place emphasis on stamping out the fake goods industry. The National Crime Agency has a role in addressing this matter.”